Worship Is My Weapon


Rita takes you on a journey of her story and to discover how to use worship to fight your everyday battles.

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Rita is one of the most gifted worship leaders to arise over the last fifteen years. She believes that the joy of being a worship leader is to make those listening jealous of what has been found in Christ. Making Christ famous through the art, act, and physical sound of our worship is Rita’s anthem, and her deepest desire is to see this arise in the body of Christ. Her motto is; “To make the Lord famous in whatever I do with my worship and relationship with Him.

”Born out of that deep desire to see women free through the tools of the Word, Worship, and Prayer, she started her own women’s conference in 2000 called ‘Fragrant Oil’ it was an incredible season of 7 years watching God use worship powerfully to transform lives across the globe.

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